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Access to the cloud is too important to rely on a single path.  You shouldn’t have to worry about Internet connections, performance and outages.  Bigleaf’s optimization platform is an Infrastructure-as-a- Service model that does not require the purchase of expensive or complicated equipment, and installs quickly with a simple self-install process.  For Telarus partners, Bigleaf provides a new recurring revenue stream with an enhanced cloud migration value proposition for your customers.


Bigleaf’s service distributes monitoring and control across both their core gateway clusters in the Cloud and their router in your building. They encapsulate your traffic within tunnels that connect from your on-premise router, running across multiple ISP paths, to their core network. These tunnels efficiently and reliably move your traffic to and from the Internet, while providing the adaptation system with end-to-end visibility and control of each circuit. The Bigleaf monitoring system constantly measures circuit performance in both directions, evaluates traffic flows from your applications, and adapts to changing conditions in real-time based on algorithms and alarm thresholds.