Get more out of your sales opportunities with applicable vendor SPIFs!


Why Partner with 8×8?

Earn up to 8X MRR with this incredible stackable SPIFF!

Earn a 1X spiff as your 8×8 customers upscale their analytics with Conversation IQ

8x MRR w/ Avaya OneCloud
Discover AvayaCloud Office

Dave Shepard

3×5 Talking Point for Sales Reps

Toll Free: 1-886-863-3301



  • Backpocket OffersAvailable upon request.
  • CxC 3CX– Up to 3X MRC SPIFF with Pan-American Coverage
  • CxC Flex1X MRC – Connect to the Cloud throughout Pan-America
  • CxC Hybrid SD-WAN – 1x MRC SPIFF
  • CxC Router5G go-to enterprise plans for primary or backup wireless connectivity
  • CxC SIPUp to 4X MRC on all SIP deals
  • CxC Teams– First Month Free
  • CxC Webex–  Professional Station
  • CxC Wireline$1,750 one time Bonus on new fiber opportunities
  • Forever ConnectedUp to 2X MRC plus 20% residual on all Forever Connected deals
  • International DataFinish 2021 strong with $20K Cash bonus on International data deals!
  • Voice IncentiveUp to $5,000 cash bonus on new voice opportunities
  • CxC SIM BWB TelusEnterprise-grade cellular broadband, with up to 100 GBs on Canada’s fastest network

JP Dundas

Partner Incentive Program_2021

Brittney Gillis

Lifesize OnPrem

Bryan McCarthy

GoTo by Logmein SPIFs:
5-8X MRR
Exp: Mar 31, 2022

Marc Svitak

Lumen – 1H 2021 Agent Activator

Lumen – 1H 2021 Channel Teaming Incentive

Lumen – 1H 2021 New Logo Incentive

Lumen – 1H-2021-Incentives-Overview

Lunch on us!
Win 10 x $10K prizes!
( May – September 2022)
Win/Earn up to $25,000 in Competition Prize Money!
(May 2022 – April 2023)
NICE InContact

NICE inContact SPIFF- 3X MRR on Closed Referral Deal

RingCentral SPIFs:
Small Deals,  HUGE Prizes
Exp: Mar 31, 2022


4.5 and 7.5X MRR
3X and 5X MRR

10x MRR


Bonus Commission
Expires: June 30th, 2022

Vonage logo

Earn up to $1,000 for eligible demos


Grow your business with up to 7xMRR or 4x MRR


Promotion Expires: June 30, 2022

Channel Team

UJet Updated Spiff Program Jan2021

Anne Drake

1) Earn $100 USD for submitting at least 3 approved deal registrations with Zoom prior to December 31st for Zoom Phone, Zoom Contact Center, or Zoom One Enterprise licenses.


2) Sales representatives with the top amount of pipeline generated between August 1st and December 31, 2022 will receive one of three grand prizes:
1st place – $3,000 USD
2nd place – $1,500 USD
3rd place – $750 USD

August 1 – December 31, 2022

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