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Earn up to 8X MRR with this incredible stackable SPIFF!

Earn a 1X spiff as your 8×8 customers upscale their analytics with Conversation IQ

8x MRR w/ Avaya OneCloud
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  • Backpocket OffersAvailable upon request.
  • CxC 3CX– Up to 3X MRC SPIFF with Pan-American Coverage
  • CxC Flex1X MRC – Connect to the Cloud throughout Pan-America
  • CxC Hybrid SD-WAN – 1x MRC SPIFF
  • CxC Router5G go-to enterprise plans for primary or backup wireless connectivity
  • CxC SIPUp to 4X MRC on all SIP deals
  • CxC Teams– First Month Free
  • CxC Webex–  Professional Station
  • CxC Wireline$1,750 one time Bonus on new fiber opportunities
  • Forever ConnectedUp to 2X MRC plus 20% residual on all Forever Connected deals
  • International DataFinish 2021 strong with $20K Cash bonus on International data deals!
  • Voice IncentiveUp to $5,000 cash bonus on new voice opportunities
  • CxC SIM BWB TelusEnterprise-grade cellular broadband, with up to 100 GBs on Canada’s fastest network

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NICE InContact

NICE inContact SPIFF- 3X MRR on Closed Referral Deal

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